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Best variety of indoor and outdoor shot putting shots. We carry shot putter shot as well as other shot put equipment in a wide range of diameters and weights.

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Most elite throwers prefer a larger diameter shot because there is more surface to push against. Other throwers like a smaller diameter shot because they can control it better or may have smaller hands. Above all, choose a shot that feels comfortable to the thrower.

Competition specs:
Women from high school through age 49: 4.0 kg.

Women age 50-74: 3.0 kg.; 75+: 2.0 kg.)

High School Boys: 12 lbs.

Men to age 49: 16lbs.; 50-59: 6.0 kg.; 60-69: 5.0 kg.; 70-79: 4.0 kg.; 80+: 3.0 kg


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