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All the hammers On Track sells come with a wire and handle included in the price of the hammer. For guidance in selecting replacement wires for a hammer you may already own, call us at (800) 697-2999.


Women H.S. to 49: 4 kg.; Women 50+: 3 kg.; 75+: 2 kg.) H.S. Boys: 12 lbs. College/Masters Men to age 49: 16 lbs.; 50-59: 6 kg.; 60–69: 5 kg.; 70+: 4 kg.; 80+: 3 kg

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Podcast Episode 85 | USA Sprinter Aleia Hobbs - LIVE from Las Vegas!

LSU alum, Aleia Hobbs, joins J.T. from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and talks all things training, sleeping, diet and what she does to get ready for meet day. Tell us what you think, leave a comment ⁠⁠HERE⁠⁠.

The weekly podcast hosted by Coach J.T. Ayers covers all things track and field. Listen to some of the most respected coaches in the world, hear from some of the biggest athletes in the sport and keep up to date with the leading trends in training. Listen & subscribe to all episodes HERE.

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