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On Track Running is your neighborhood running shoes and lifestyle store in Simi Valley, CA. It is located in the front of the On Track & Field's track equipment warehouse. There are plenty of free parking for customers. Handicap accessible.


On Track Running carries shoes from Brooks, Saucony, On (Running), etc. It also carries the Love T-Shirts, GU Energy bars, ChicknLegs running shorts, and more.


We now carry MyFootBalance 3D Foot Scanner at our On Track Running store!


A mere 10 minutes can be your gateway to better foot health and overall wellbeing. With the help of MyFootBalance 3D scanning service at On Track Running, you learn exactly what your feet need to make your whole body feel better. Easy as 1-2-3!


First, we ask you to step on the scanner. We scan your feet from multiple angles to provide detailed and accurate foot measurements and data.


The scanned data is then used for the biomechanical foot analysis, where we evaluate your feet's essential characteristics, including arch type, foot alignment and function. We dig even deeper and look at how lifestyle and activity levels impact your feet's functioning.


Lastly, based on your foot scan, analysis, and our expert advice, we can recommend you a range of products that are all personalized to your unique needs to ensure the best fit and comfort possible. We also store your personal fit profile in your account for later use, just to make re-ordering fast and easy.


On Track Running

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