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When selecting a discus, consider the flight characteristics (amount of wobble, attitude and angle of release) and the athlete's ability to create rotary velocity (spin). 

LOW SPIN- Center balanced (70% or less of the weight in the rim). Low spin discus are more controllable for the beginner and intermediate level athlete who does not yet have a high rotary velocity at release. Center balancing results in less wobble for a more aerodynamically sound flight.

HIGH SPIN- Rim balanced (71% or more weight in the rim). high spin discus are for advanced and elite throwers who can generate a high velocity at release. As the thrower's technique improves, a higher percentage of rim weight can then be used effectively.

Competition specs:
Women, High School thru age 74: 1 kg

Women, 75+ : 0.75kg

High School Boys: 1.6 kg

International Jr. Men (19 & under): 1.75 kg

Men to age 49: 2kg; 50-59: 1.5 kg; 60+: 1 kg


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