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Freelap e-Starter - Automatic Starter Pistol

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Freelap is proud to introduce a new START transmitter.

This new generation transmitter recreates the same starting conditions as a track meet, replacing the traditional powder or electrical gun. Thanks to its speaker, the e-Starter emits a random pistol shot sound which gives the start of the race to the athlete and simultaneously triggers the start of the chip timer. e-Starter is compatible with FxChip BLE and FxChip transponders, and Tx Junior Pro transmitters.

Reaction Time is Now Taken into Account - e-Starter is the ideal solution to manage the starting process of most of sports or disciplines for which reaction time is important. In track and field, where a gold medal can be decided in hundredths of a second, the reaction time can be decisive.

3 Point Start & Standing Start - To perfectly meet your needs.

Time 2 Athletes Simultaneously - e-Starter combines the latest Freelap technologies, and a brand new design. e-Starter transmitter can cover 2 lanes.

Gun Start: e-Starter simulates a gun start of a track meet.

Easy to Use: e-Starter has a speaker that emits a SET command followed by a BANG.

Realistic: The time between SET command and BANG is random.

Autonomous: Athlete presses a button to start the sequence; athletes can train on their own.

Versatile: Can be used for block starts and standing starts.

Compatible: Works with both FxChip and FxChip BLE.

Rechargeable: Transmitter is charged using magnetic USB cable (provided).


PDF: Instructions For Use

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