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Stretch Band with Dynamic Strengthening Exercises

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General Application

  • Flexible, yet firm stretch strap allows for static stretching and dynamic strengthening exercises.
  • Grip Loop Technology reduces slipping, allowing greater control during movement.
  • Ten grip loops allow for progressive stretching.
  • Soft, technical fabric provides comfortable hand grips.
  • Stretch Guide Included.

Progressive Stretching - Designed with 10 loops to allow for progressive stretching.


Grip Loop Technology - Reduces slipping, allowing greater control during movement.


Static Stretching - Stretch Band can be used for static stretching. This type of stretching holds/sustains a stretch position for a certain amount of time. It is recommended to mainly use static stretching post activity to increase flexibility and enhance the recovery process.


Dynamic Strengthening - Stretch Band flexes to allow for dynamic strengthening exercises. This form of strengthening implements movement into the stretching process. Dynamic strengthening exercises are ideal to prepare the joints for activity and muscle for optimal activation.


Instruction Guide: Stretch Bands

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Stretch Band with Dynamic Strengthening Exercises - On Track & Field Inc
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