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RM Extreme Handheld Contoured Roller Massager Mini

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PTRM Extreme Mini
Package Weight:
0.37 LBS
Package Width:
9.75 (in)
Package Height:
5.00 (in)
Package Depth:
1.75 (in)
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General Application: 

  • Single hand portable roller provides targeted deep tissue massage
  • Contoured surface effectively wraps around select body parts
  • Handle offers a single point myofascial release technique option

Benefits of deep tissue massage:

  1. Reduces muscle fatigue and tightness
  2. Promotes flexibility
  3. Enhances performance

Single Point Muscle Release - Grip end can be used to achieve a single point muscle release. Place direct pressure on area, hold for 30 seconds and release.

Easy to Clean - EVA closed cell foam is easy to wipe down and keep clean.

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