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OTE Javelins


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  • Aluminum implements, handmade in the USA by master artisans following the tradition of original OTE javelin designer, the great Dick Held.
  • Headwind models are ideal for power throwers - streamlined tip designed to cut through the wind.
  • Tailwind models are created for "finesse" throwers - thicker, more blunted tip increases the surface area in front of the javelin. 

All OTE javelins are made with precision to the closest tolerances allowed by World Athletics.

Headwind (H)
A headwind version of an OTE javelin describes a streamlined tip designed to help cut through the wind. This javelin tip, because of its small surface area, will have self-correcting characteristics when a thrower misses the point, adding valuable distance to a missed throw. The headwind version is ideal for 'power' throwers who lack perfect technique but make up for it with strength and torque.

Tailwind (T)
A tailwind version of an OTE javelin describes a thicker, more blunted tip that increases the surface area in front of the javelin. When a thrower hits the point with a tailwind version of an OTE javelin, it will mimic the old rules style javelins, with a beautiful floating flight and greater distances. This tailwind version is ideal for 'finesse' throwers who lack high outputs of power, yet throw at a high technical level.

Gill Athletics is proud to bring the most revolutionary javelin to the market. Introducing the world's first one-piece carbon javelin. The Carbon-1 is designed after the iconic Legend Tailwind javelin, which was used by Jan Zelezny, who still holds the world record throw of 98.29 meters, in 1996.
This new carbon javelin is Gill’s first full carbon javelin. It is our stiffest javelin yet with a flex of 4.4 but allows the right amount of forgiveness for the athlete to throw. This javelin has the quickest dampening rate on the market which means a longer flight with little to no vibration.
- Flex 4.4
- Improved thicker grip cord
- Quickest dampening rate

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