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On Track Pole Vault Standard & Extensions

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Package Weight:
76.00 LBS
Package Width:
122.00 (in)
Package Height:
28.00 (in)
Package Depth:
19.00 (in)
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On Track Original Since 1992.

  • Weight-saving anodized aluminum uprights

  • Steel riser tube and offset are zinc- electroplated for durability

  • Heavy steel rail units for unsurpassed stability

  • Polymer measurement scales will not peel or tear off

  • Offsets can be calibrated for exact measurements

  • 5–year warranty!
 Item #  Description
 U105    Pole Vault (8'-17')
 U106  Pole Vault (10'-21')
Allows the bar to be placed as much as 3' lower than the bottom height of most standards (at 1' increments). Improved design features a Velcro stabilizer strap.
 Five–year guarantee under normal use!

 Designed by athletes and coaches for increased strength & stability.

 Note: These are sold in pairs.

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