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Gill High Jump Landing Systems

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999.00 LBS



The company started by Coach Harry Gill celebrates 100 years with a brand new line of landing systems! 


ALL–VINYL BASE UNITS: Gill landing systems feature base components completely encased in vinyl, an exclusive design that keeps water out of the foam inside, which has been shown to prolong the life of your pit.

EDGE–TO–EDGE TOP PAD: New aesthetic and functional design eliminates spike contact with base units and unevenness at the edge of the pit. V–loop vinyl straps connecting the pad to carabiners evenly distribute landing force, thus reducing tears from excessive stress on pit seams.

INTERCHANGEABILITY: Each pit model is designed so that it’s component parts are reversible for maximum interchangeability, promoting longer, more even wear. Even the top pad is reversible!

FOAM: Base units are constructed of Gill’s new Quadruple Duralife foam, a material 25% softer than others, yet maintaining the  rmness necesssary for the softest landings. Top pads feature 2" thicknesses of Duralife foam.

DUAL COATED VINYL: Evenly distributed 1000 x 1000 denier polyester fabric is bonded on both sides with 18 oz. knife–coated PVC vinyl, a fabric design that e ectively eliminates the vinyl delamination seen in other pits over seasons of use. This produces a casing that is both durable and lighter in weight than other pits on the market.

STITCHING: Casings are triple–stitched with 210 bonded polyester thread, the toughest in the industry.

GRIP STRIP FASTENING SYSTEM: Developed to keep pit base units secured together into on integrated system, grip strips enhance vaulter safety.


12 year warranty on landing systems under normal use and care (5 years for Essentials line)


Item # Description
HJM4 Gill AXG M4 : 27'2" x 13'2" x 28" **
HJG4 Gill G4 : 20' x 13'2" x 28" **
HJG1 Gill G1 : 18' x 10' x 26" **
HJS4 Gill S4 : 16'6" x 10' x 26" **
HJS1 Gill S1 : 16'6" x 8' x 26"
HJ640 Gill *Essentials : 16' x 8' x 24" (single base unit)

** Pit features corner cut-outs to accommodate standards. 


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