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Bullet Belt Pop + Rip


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The Bullet Belt is a versatile resistance device that develops explosiveness. Coach is able to control the amount of resistance depending on which phase the athlete is developing. Resistance is dictated by coach holding the strap which can then be released via a cable causing an explosive movement. It can also be used as a full-resistance harness. Comes with carry bag. Instructional video clip available online.

Bullet Belt™ "Pop and Rip" Model.  The "pop and rip" model is the original Bullet Belt design. It is ideal for individual and small group training.

#1 The Pop Method: For this method start by fastening 1”-2” inches of velcro to the belt. The athlete performs an action and pops the resisting velcro. In the first few tries both the trainer and athlete will notice a “blip” in form as the athlete adjusts to the extra resistance. After the initial adjustment the athlete should feel the resistance but the trainer should not be able to detect it in the athlete’s form. Train at this level until the athlete can perform the action without feeling extra resistance. Once this is accomplished increase resistance by increasing amount of velcro fastened to the belt. Use inch marks along the velcro to measure the resistance levels.

At each level of resistance TIME THE “POP” to occur at several different points during the action. Do this by adjusting the amount of slack in the belt between the athlete and the trainer. For example in starts time the “pop” to occur before during and after the first second and third step. The more “overload points” you sandwich in a sport specific action the more improvement you’ll see. Conditioning the body to overcome increased levels of resistance will train it to recruit and fire additional muscle fibers. Patterning can be established and when the extra resistance is taken away the additional muscle fibers still fire resulting in explosive speed. This theory applies to many explosive actions: Starts blasting the line of scrimmage stealing base lateral moves on the court and vertical or horizontal jumps.

The “Rip” method overloads a series of points instead of a single point. It provides contrast training within one rep. Fasten the entire 18” of velcro. Use the cable for two types of rip-releases.

For the SMOOTH RELEASE drop the large handle and maintain grip on the small cable handle to move from resisted to unresisted running. The runner peels away from the belt into their unresisted run. This method creates the largest window of recruitment and firing of additional muscle fibers.

Use the RIP RELEASE or a more explosive transition trigger the break-away with a quick pull on the small cable handle (like a lawn mower); the release is immediate. A trainer can restrain an athlete until they want a break-away to occur. The “rip” resistance still occurs quickly but the overload effect does last longer than the one point “pop” method. This method provides the greatest explosive contrast and gives full control of the release to the coach/trainer.

The Bullet Belt can be used for full resistance contrast training drills and the swivel D-ring along the belt allows you train moves in any linear or lateral direction as well as spins.

The Pop and Rip model includes a waist belt 18" velcro tail and a 48" release handle. Used for ground-based movement specific training in almost all sports, it's the perfect tool to develop explosive speed!

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