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Altius Vaulting Pole (9ft - 14ft)


$58.00 - $697.00


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Altius is currently on a 6-8 week pole production backlog.

Altius poles cannot be shipped to residences, only schools/commercial addresses.

ALTIUS poles have been a reasonably–priced, solid performer since 1990. Under the leadership of pole vault FPO coach Jeff Erickson,  ALTIUS Poles have become popular with the high school, college and club markets, well beyond their Texas home base. In addition to the fiberglass poles, now ALTIUS offers two carbon options: Carbon Elite (CEL), constructed of S-glass for a smaller grip and lighter carry weight, and the brand new Suhr Adrenaline Carbon (SAC), named for women's world record-holder Jenn Suhr.

  • Excellent for beginners and experienced vaulters looking for unusual pole lengths
  • Available in carbon from 12'4" up
  • Lower cost suitable for H.S. budgets
  • High performance vaulting poles since 1990
  • Used by the top NCAA vaulters in the nation
  • Made of high grade materials for safe, light weight, & powerful performance
  • Fiberglass, carbon,& hybrid vaulting poles
  • Great for beginners & advanced pole vaulters
  • Popular with high school athletes, college track teams, and vaulting clubs


Regular fiberglass ALTIUS is also available in 8', 9' , 10', 10'8", 11' — Other weights/ lengths available! Carbon Elite poles available in 12' to 17'1"!

Suhr Adrenaline Carbon (SAC) Poles:

Designed by Jenn Suhr Olympic Champion and World Record Holder
Built by ALTIUS Poles

Engineered for maximum velocity, return, consistency, success

The Suhr Adrenaline Pole Vaulting hybrid carbon pole is the result of more than a year of design, collaboration, and testing. It's lighter, thinner, and more forgiving. The Suhr Adrenaline Pole's better lift and better feel help the vaulter get deeper penetration in the pit contributing to a better jump.

Suhr Poles in The News:

Jenn Suhr continues to amaze us all with her talent and drive.

Brandon Ellis set a new Texas state record with his Suhr Adrenaline Pole.

Nastassja Campbell won her division at 13’9 setting the State Meet Record with Suhr Adrenaline Pole

Due to the dimensions of this product, accurate shipping cost is hard to be automatically calculated. Please request a quote or call 800-697-2999 to purchase. A business or school address must be provided for all shipment. (No residential deliveries for Altius poles.)



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