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Track & Field Equipment Purchase Orders:

On Track & Field, Inc. accepts Net 30 Payment Terms through Purchase Orders (PO's) from state funded or privately funded schools, college facilities, and businesses. All other customers, such as home buyers, must prepay using our online credit card checkout system, or via PayPal through our online PayPal checkout option.

On Track & Field, Inc. only issues Net 30 Payment Terms to the entities listed above. We are not able to fulfill Net 30 PO's for private individuals, home buyers, etc. We reserve the rights to determine Net 30 Terms' qualification. The order will undergo manual review. Once the order ships, we will invoice your facility for payment.

If you are not sure if you will qualify for using a purchase order, please click "Contact" to submit your request inquiry.

We understand that some facilities, such as schools, colleges, military and government, work solely with Net 30 Payment Terms through the issuance of Purchase Orders when buying track & field equipment for their sports facilities. At On Track & Field, Inc. we accommodate these types of facilities by allowing them to submit Net 30 Payment Terms purchase orders for their equipment with the methods listed below.

Information Needed on Purchase Orders:

  • Presented on facility purchase order form or letterhead
  • Product Names
  • Product Quantities
  • Ship To Address
  • Bill To Address
  • PO Reference Number
  • Point of Contact Name
  • Point of Contact Phone Number
  • Point of Contact Email Address
  • Terms: Net 30

Submit Purchase Order via Email:

  • We accept PO's for schools, colleges, military, local, state and federal government agencies only.
  • If tax exempt, use the "Contact" link to request tax exemption for PA, TX or WA
  • All other states are not charged sales tax.
  • Email your purchase order to: 
  • The order will undergo manual review.
  • Once the order ships, we will invoice your facility for payment.
  • Payment terms: Net 30

Need a Quote?

If you need a quote prior to processing your purchase order, please visit our "How to Request a Product Quote" page.

Questions Regarding PO's:

Please feel free to use the 'Contact' link to submit questions about using purchase orders at On Track & Field, Inc.

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