Requesting a quote

Wishlist for Quote


Here are some instructions to request a quote for a list of items you wish purchase.

We'll take you through the steps to create a wishlist, to add things to the wishlist and to email it to us for a quote. 


Step 1 : Access your "My Account" Menu


Sign in (if you have an existing account) or Create a new account.

If you are already signed in you can click on "My Account".




Step 2 : Create a New Wishlist for the items you want in your quote


Click on the "Wish Lists" menu item.



Click on "Create a New Wishlist"




Enter  a name for the wish list AND make sure you check the box to allow sharing of this wishlist.




Step 3: Browse our website and add items to your Wishlist


On a product page, click on "Add to Wishlist"


Then, from the popup menu, choose the wishlist that you just created. (If you have multiple wishlists, make sure you select the wishlist that you're using for your quote request).

Then click "Add to Wishlist" in the popup menu.




Continue adding items to your wishlist for quoting.


Step 4 : Share your wishlist with us!


Click on "My Account" at the top left of the web page.

Click on "Wish Lists"

Click on the "sharing" arrow on the right of the list.




Use your mouse to select the link. Copy and paste it into an email and send it to



We'll get in touch with you for more information (such as quantity, shipping address, etc.) so that we can quote it for you.


Thank you!

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