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Heads–Up Javelin Throwers! Check it out...

The BĀSTrainer

... an innovative tool developed to isolate and train the “base” of the throwing athlete. By enabling the thrower to dramatically increase the number of full–speed throws one can take in practice, The BĀSTrainer allows the thrower to add to his/her training load while enhancing safety. This system helps coaches diagnose incorrect motor patterns by eliminating the variations created by arm motion. The BĀSTrainer also gives the injured athlete a way to continue training while the shoulder joint remains stabilized. Can be used by both left– and right–handed throwers.

The BĀSTrainer has spawned its own athletic event! While originally intended as an aid in javelin training, the BĀSTrainer debuted in the “weighted shoulder throw”—an indoor exhibition event presented at the Simplot Games, held at Idaho State University.

An Eastern Washington University study found there to be—according to EWU's Dr. Jeni McNeal—only a “2 percent variation in the kinematic variables between a standard throw and [BĀSTrainer] throw.”

The BĀSTrainer comes complete with a training harness (please specify color: RED, BLUE or BLACK), two “stones”, an instructional DVD and a carry pack.


The BĀSTrainer

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